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        Shandong Langyue International Storage and Transportation Co., Ltd. was founded in Jan. 2008, and is located in Yantai Development Zone. Through years of development, the company has grown into a comprehensive logistics enterprise focusing on storage, distribution, delivery, customs broker, quarantine declaration, and so forth. Currently, the company owns over 90 excellent employees with rich expertise and experience and taking “Integrity, Dedication, Unity, Expansion” as service tenet, and over 10 transportation vehicles.

        Since Yantai Export Processing Zone developed bonded logistics business on Apr. 28th, 2007, the Zone was functioned from original export processing, manufacturing, storage and transportation to bonded storage, logistics, international trade, transit trade, international logistics distribution dispatch, inspection maintenance, international commodity exhibition, import equipment after-sales service, design and R&D, with remarkable growth in business volume. The high-tech IT enterprises like Foxconn all adopt “zero-stock” production and domestic raw materials, and need more on the third-party and the fourth-party logistics. Grasping the opportunity and making use of its advantage in customs credit and channels, Langyue rented a 500 m2 turnover warehouse and established a 6,800 m2 bonded warehouse and office building in Export Processing District B, which was put into use in June 2010. Taking full advantage of its leading position in local logistics, Langyue rapidly started high-end logistics running system with international operation mode to meet the supply-chain management demands. It became a major supplier of comprehensive logistics and customs services for over 260 enterprises (e.g. Foxconn).

        Equipped with 6,800 m2 warehouses, 4 lifting platforms, 1 electric forklift, and 8 hydraulic plate trailers, the company can provide many value-added services, such as storage, packaging, sorting, distribution, sticking and delivery. The professional IT R&D team developed complete systems, guaranteeing the efficiency improvement. The storage position management system ensures the FIFO principle, provides customers with multiple warehouse logistics services like VMI and CMI, and continuously improves the system to tailor services to meet customer demands. Besides, the company provides 7*24-hour JIT delivery service and batch declaration. The VMI external website is open for real-time dynamic inquiry. It has 7*24-hour guards on duty, with monitors covering the whole warehouse and dock, completely guaranteeing the security.

        Our objective is to constantly improve and provide high-quality, low-cost, high-efficient services by virtue of innovative service consciousness and a global service network.

        Business Introduction: Storage, Sorting, Distribution, Paste, and Delivery, etc.



        Customs Broker, Quarantine Declaration

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