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        Honesty       Dedication     Solidarity     Development

        Honesty: Honesty is the Best Policy.
        To customers: Honesty is the basis for a strong affinity, makes others want to be friendly to you and trust you, solves the problems caused by negative factors, changes adversity into prosperity, and resolves underlying conflicts.
        To work: Honesty is expressed in initiative work, strong sense of responsibility, and considerate understanding of the company and customers. Honesty is the responsibility to career, the professional dedication, and most importantly, it never seeks for returns.

        Dedication: Respecting work and considering it as business appear as professional ethics of devotion, chariness and responsibility, meticulosity, and consistent attitude, plus a sense of mission and moral responsibility. When one forms a habit of dedication, he can obtain more knowledge and more experience, and be able to work wholeheartedly and happily.

        Solidarity: Due to the impact of market economy and the development of society, a new social contract comes into being. We must take care of ourselves and support each other and courageously pursue teamwork, which in fact is responsibility of mutual dependence and mutual help. Solidarity is strength; solidarity wins market; and solidarity makes a common career.

        Development: Be responsible for one’s own duty, take the initiative to do works, be ready to seize the opportunities, make better performances than others’ expectations, have the wisdom "Never hesitate to break rules to complete the task in case of necessity", exceed oneself, and do better than others.